3D Modeling & Product Realization

Realistic animations start from realistic models, and Major Motion Media animators are experts at creating objects in 3D, from the simple to the complex. We can bring your existing models to life, adding realistic textures, backgrounds and movement, which is helpful when making full length animations for product proposals; however having an existing model is absolutely not necessary, as our animators can design just about anything in 3D!



3D modeling can also be pivotal when you have a new product idea and need a graphic representation; particularly because it can be prohibitively expensive to create prototypes at every step of product development. We can show your prototype at different stages of development and because our 3D models using accurate measurements you can make changes to the design, if necessary, without going through expensive overhauls of real life prototypes. Previous clients have used our true to life models to attract investors for their developing ideas and companies. Below is an example of a model we developed in 3D, then animated to show more details.