Fly Throughs & Site Design

Fly through animations provide an overview of the geographical area and/or the specific job site where a project lies. These animations are great for providing context to your audience regarding the project, or outlining how the specific geography will affect your work site. As more and more companies are moving toward digital presentations, our modeling of job sites and equipment will help you measure up to your competition.


Integrated Project Overviews & Proposal Reinforcement

In recent years technology has become a pivotal element  of many large and small scale proposal presentations.  An animation is often the deciding factor in winning highly competitive contracts, and we have had many clients tell us their proposal animation gave them the edge over their competition.

We will show your audience from start to finish your proposal, including concept design, implementation and end results. An animation can also convey additional information to your client in a way that is sophisticated and engaging, such as the specific deadlines that will be met, minimal architecture changes needed for new tooling, and your commitment to procedural and safety standards.


Proof of Concept: Investors can be hesitant to bankroll a project they don’t know will contribute a return on investment. Major Motion Media will take your idea or product, make a realistic 3D model, and place it in the site where it will be utilized, in order to, with realistic physical constraints, prove that your idea will be successful. Our services will save you money as we have provided engineers with their proof of concept, or, alternately, highlighted pitfalls in design, all without the expense of building pricey prototypes.